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Do I accumulate pension with Topselect?

As of the 1st of January 2024, Topselect payroll employees will accrue pension from the age of 18. (this used to be 21 years)


If you work at Topselect, you accrue pension with a.s.r.'s Doenpensioen (formerly known as Brand New Day).

What does it involve?

> Employees aged 18 and over accrue pension rights from their first day of work until their 68th birthday.

> Topselect pays the contribution for the pension scheme. There is therefore no employee contribution.

> The contribution includes the contribution for partner's pension, orphan's pension, premium exemption in the event of incapacity for work and administration costs.

> The pension scheme provides coverage for the surviving dependents’ pension for everyone.

For more information: Doenpensioen via a.s.r.