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Do I accumulate pension with Topselect?

As of January 1, 2021, all payroll employees aged 21 and older are entitled to an ‘adequate’ pension scheme. This is stipulated in the Balanced Labour Market Act.

The current pension provider STIPP does not offer this adequate scheme. This is why Topselect will provide a replacement scheme with effect from 1 January 2021, which will be implemented by a new pension insurer: Doenpensioen van a.s.r. ( new name of Brand New Day) . This way, Topselect meets the legal requirements for an ‘adequate’ pension scheme.

What does it mean?

> Employees aged 21 and older accrue pension rights in the new scheme from their first working day until their 68th birthday at the latest. There is no waiting time as with the STIPP scheme.

> Topselect pays the premium for the pension scheme. There is therefore no employee contribution as in the Plus regulation of STIPP.

> The premium includes the premium for a partner's pension, an orphan's pension, a waiver of premium in the event of occupational disability and administrative costs.

> The pension scheme offers a survivor’s pension that provides cover for everyone.

What will happen with the pension accrued at STIPP?

Your accrued pension remains with STIPP in accordance with the STIPP rules. You can still log in at STIPP and view your details.

For more information: Doenpensioen via a.s.r.