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Where can I go for questions?

You may of course contact us in case of any questions. You can reach us from Monday up to and including Friday, from 9 am until 5 pm.
Bolognalaan 10, 3583 CJ Utrecht
Tel. 088 756 7729

You are required to notify Topselect of sickness as soon as possible on the first day of absenteeism. You may do this via e-mail. In addition, you should inform your actual line manager. If you have recovered and are back at work, you should send a message to Topselect.

You are entitled to 91% of your wage during the first 52 weeks of sickness and 80% during the 53rd and up to and including the 104th week of sickness. The minimum entitlement is the statutory minimum wage applicable for the relevant employee. The 1st day of occupational disability is a waiting day. For on-call employees, this regulation will only apply for the day(s) you are called up and scheduled or become sick during work.

You are entitled to continued payment of wages in the event of sickness for a maximum of two years. This naturally only applies for the duration of your employment contract. See also the Topselect employment terms for more about this.

If you are an on-call employee, you report any leave hours to Topselect via your account. Hours will only be paid out if sufficient allowance has been accumulated. Your timesheet will specify how many hours you have accumulated.

Monthly wage earners will receive an invitation from the Leave app once they are employed by Topselect. You can use this system to report your leave hours to Topselect after your line manager has given permission. You can also see immediately how many leave hours you (still) have left.

On-call employees will have their hours paid if the public holiday falls on a day on which you would normally work / be called up.

If applicable, you can fill in the hours under the option ‘holidays’ in your timesheet.
If you have a contract that specifies a monthly wage, you will receive continued payment of wages on public holidays if it concerns a day on which you would normally work.

If you are an on-call employee, you will, in addition to your wage, accumulate an allowance for holiday pay and holidays (leave hours). The holiday pay will be paid out annually in May, or at the end of the employment if you leave your employment prematurely.

If you take a leave day, you can indicate this by selecting the option ‘leave’ in your timesheet. Your timesheet will specify how many leave hours you have accumulated.

If you have a contract that specifies a monthly wage, your employment contract will detail the number of holiday hours to which you are entitled with continued payment of wages. Holiday hours are not paid; you are supposed to take them during the term of your contract. Holiday pay will be paid annually in May, or at the end of the employment if you leave your employment prematurely.

You can book leave via the Leave app. You will be invited to do this at the beginning of your contract.

If you work, you will be entitled to a tax credit. In the application form you receive from Topselect you indicate whether you want payroll tax credit to be applied.
Please note: are you working for more than one employer at the same time? Or do you receive benefits in addition to your job? Then you can only apply for payroll tax credit through one employer (select the employer for which you work the most hours). Indeed, if you apply for payroll tax credit with each employer, you will receive too much tax credit and you will have to repay tax afterwards. You may switch payroll tax credit from one employer to the next as often as you want.

Level of the credit
The level of the credit depends on the salary you receive and on your age, among other things. It is therefore difficult to give an indication. You can find more information about this on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. First look at the white weekly table/monthly table for the relevant year. Then look up your gross salary per period. This enables you to see how much credit you receive and how much will be deducted if you have payroll tax credit applied or not.

Changing the payroll tax credit
Please send an e-mail to if you want to change your payroll

Payroll tax is an advance levy on income tax for Dutch taxpayers. If too much payroll tax is deducted, this will be corrected when filing your tax return for the relevant year. This means you will either receive a refund if too much was deducted, or you will have to make an additional payment if too little was deducted. Other rules sometimes apply for foreign employees. Do you want to know whether you are entitled to a tax refund and how you may apply for this? Then contact the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration via +31 55 538 53 85

Or click here for the contact details of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

This depends on the level of your hourly wage and whether or not payroll tax credit is applied. On the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration you can find the level of the salary per week / per month / per 4 weeks etc. from which you start paying payroll tax (with or without payroll tax credit).

If you come to work in the Netherlands, you may incur additional expenses, for example, accommodation, travel expenses and course fees. Under certain conditions, your employer is allowed to pay 30% of your wage tax-free. Look on the website of the tax and customs administration for more information and the conditions.

If your actual line manager at Utrecht University agrees with reimbursement of travel expenses for commuting, the costs will be reimbursed. The travel allowance amounts to € 0.08 per kilometre, with a maximum of 60 kilometres a day.

On-call employees are paid weekly. Hours declarations approved by the line manager before Wednesday 9 am will be processed in the same week. As a rule, this means the wages will be paid into your bank account on Friday at the latest.

You will only have to declare your hours if you have a contract with deferred duty of performance (if you are an on-call employee). Employees with a monthly wage will automatically be paid for the number of hours stipulated in their contract.

You can declare your hours digitally in your account. If you do not yet have an account, you can create one via Once the hours entered have been approved by your line manager they will be processed. You can track the status of your declaration in the relevant timesheet.

After 26 weeks, you will start accumulating pension in the basic plan of StiPP (Pension fund foundation for personnel services). You will not pay employee contributions towards this. After 78 weeks, you will start accumulating pension in the Plus plan. In the Plus plan you will pay a 4% contribution. In case of any questions about your pension, you may contact StiPP  directly.

If you have a paid job or internship in the Netherlands (alongside your studies), you will be obliged to take out Dutch healthcare insurance (Healthcare Insurance Act). This is therefore applicable if you are employed by Topselect. In this case, you will also be entitled to care allowance, provided you comply with the remaining conditions for applying for care allowance.

For more information on insurance see:

Are you an on-call employee? Then you may terminate your employment contract prematurely, provided this is coordinated with your actual line manager. You may terminate at any time by completing and sending the resignation form on the website.
If you have a contract that specifies monthly wage, you may hand in your notice as agreed with your actual line manager. The notice period is one month and termination is possible as of the first day of the month. You may hand in your notice by sending an e-mail in which your line manager also agrees with the termination.

Depending on your country of origin, you may need a residency and/or work permit to be allowed to work. For more information click here.


Topselect provides each identification document with a watermark, so that it is clear it concerns a copy that is only intended for Topselect.


The employment contract is drawn up in Dutch. It is possible to receive an English version. Please contact us for this via or on 088 756 7729.
You can find the English version of our information and employment terms here.  See also: Topselect employment terms in brief

Your supervisor will register you with us. You will subsequently receive an e-mail with the request to fill in your details. Based on these details, Topselect will draw up an employment contract. You will receive this digitally for signature.