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Do I have an option to terminate my employment contract prematurely? And what is the notice period?

Are you an on-call employee? Then you may terminate your employment contract prematurely, provided this is coordinated with your actual line manager. You may terminate at any time by completing and sending the resignation form on the website.
If you have a contract that specifies monthly wage, you may hand in your notice as agreed with your actual line manager. The notice period is one month and termination is possible as of the first day of the month. You may hand in your notice by sending an e-mail in which your line manager also agrees with the termination.

Depending on your country of origin, you may need a residency and/or work permit to be allowed to work. For more information click here.


Topselect provides each identification document with a watermark, so that it is clear it concerns a copy that is only intended for Topselect.


The employment contract is drawn up in Dutch. It is possible to receive an English version. Please contact us for this via or on 088 756 7729.
You can find the English version of our information and employment terms here.  See also: Topselect employment terms in brief

Your supervisor will register you with us. You will subsequently receive an e-mail with the request to fill in your details. Based on these details, Topselect will draw up an employment contract. You will receive this digitally for signature.