New to Topselect? – Supervisor

Welcome to Topselect. Topselect is a payroll agency. You may register an employee with Topselect for temporary activities or projects. The employee will be employed by Topselect, but performs their activities at Utrecht University. The line manager on the workfloor is responsible for the content and planning of the work and for the working environment. Topselect is responsible for the employment contract and the employment terms including salary payment and arrangements regarding sickness and leave.


You may register an employee via Once the employee has supplied their details, Topselect will draw up an employment contract no later than a week before the start date. After they have signed it, the employee will enter into the temporary employment of Topselect.

Please note: register an employee in good time, preferably three weeks before the start of the activities. Without a signed employment contract, the employee will not be allowed to start work.

Topselect works with the Topselect Information System (TIS), where you will find all the information in one place. You can find an overview of the employees you have registered, you can see when contracts terminate, and you can register new employees. You will also find news here about adjustments to the service or new arrangements. New functionalities will be added in the future.
You may create an account at

An employee may have a maximum of six contracts in a four-year period. If the period between the contracts is longer than six months, the chain will be broken and the counting period for the number of contracts and the four-year period will start again.

If the employee was previously employed by UU they may be eligible for continuous employment. This means that previous contracts with UU are included in the total period of employment. If you are aware that the employee previously worked at UU, please always contact us first.

You can extend the contract of an employee via your account.

Approval of hours for on-call employees
When registering the employee, you should indicate in the form who approves the hours worked (you or someone else). If the person who approves the hours does not yet have access to the hours portal, they will receive an invitation for this. An e-mail will be sent on Monday and Thursday if hours are available for approval.

Under the header ‘my invoices’ in your account, you will find a summary of the rates. You can also contact Topselect about this.

Any questions?
Do you have any questions about the employment terms (including sickness, holiday and transition compensation), approving hours or an invoice? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). You may also contact Topselect on working days between 9am and 5pm via or by calling 088 756 7729.